Department of Government and Sociology

In the Department of Government and Sociology, we will lead you on a path of exploration into the public sector— but we also lead you to a path of self-discovery as an active citizen in an ever-evolving world.  

From in depth courses on constitutionalism and public service systems to graduate degrees in public administration and criminal justice— you have endless opportunities to learn from some of the most dedicated and talented faculty at Georgia College. And your time in the programs won’t stop in the classroom. We cultivate a sense of independence and curiosity in our students, which leads to undergraduate research, public service projects and internships.

After graduating from Georgia College and the Department of Government and Sociology, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to not only enter into careers at the international to local levels— but to be a leader in the process. 

Sociology Alumni Share Experiences and Insights with Current Sociology Students

On march 1st, DSP will be having an profession alumni event where Cody Allen will be coming to speak on his experience as an attorney at Huff, Powell & Bailey and sharing how Georgia College helped him. He also was a former SGA president here. The event will take place in Atkinson room 106, from 6.30-7.30pm.


Sociology’s Senior Seminar recently hosting a series of alumni panels which included former students working in the non-profit and social services sectors, as well as graduates who had gone on to graduate school in a range of fields. They shared advice with the students, including the importance of connecting with people and being willing to talk about one’s skills in a meaningful way. Each also shared how thankful they were for the small class sizes and high quality interaction they had with program faculty that helped them be better prepared for post-college life than many of their peers.

Students shared that they appreciated being able to talk with others who are now out in the world and also hear about the benefits of doing graduate work. Laura Blackman had this to say, “I would like to thank the GC alumni for taking the time out of their day to speak to our class. It was very incredibly comforting and inspirational to be able to hear what post-graduate life is like first hand. I was immediately drawn to Tegan, as our passions are very similar, and she has inspired me to aim for similar goals as hers. The panel showed me that there are endless possibilities out there for sociology graduates, you just have to be willing to put yourself out there.”

The entire department thanks these individuals for giving of their time to connect with our current students.

Heather Appleby, a native of Macon, GA. graduated from Georgia College in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Spanish. After graduating, Heather worked as a Substance Abuse Counselor until 2012. Upon moving to Atlanta, she joined the staff of Atlanta Center for Medical Research. Heather began at ACMR as a research assistant, but quickly moved into the role of a clinical research coordinator. Soon after, she began to move into the role of training coordinator. Heather ultimately took over the coordination and delivery of training for ACMR. In May 2015, Heather left ACMR to begin a two year Master’s program in School Counseling at Georgia State University. Heather is currently completing an internship at Simpson Elementary School and will graduate in May 2017 with a Masters of Education in School Counseling.

Tegan Hurley graduated from GC in 2011 with a degree in Sociology and earned a non-profit leadership certificate. After graduation, she participated in AmeriCorps, worked with Habitat for Humanity and Easter Seals of Georgia. She currently works as the Organizational Coordinator at American Community Gardening Association.

Cassie Taylor graduated in May 2011 with a double major in Sociology and Criminal Justice. From April 2011 she worked as a Support Coordinator with Georgia Support Services to coordinate services for persons with developmental disabilities. In 2012 she was hired as a Program Manager with RHA Health Services. Her degree and experience qualified her as a Developmental Disability Professional to work with people with exceptional behavioral and medical needs. She is currently working with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities as a Behavior Specialist.

Diana Bacallao graduated in 2016 with a major in Sociology and a minor in Criminal Justice. After an exhausting graduate school application process, she decided to attend NC State University where she studies Higher Education Administration. Diana currently manages a residence hall of over 400 students and supervises a staff of 10 Resident Advisors. Her degree in Sociology has given her a leg up in her graduate school classes as well as the insight necessary to help her student staff navigate a college campus experiencing racial tensions during of a contentious election season.

Jon German graduated in December 2013 with a major in Sociology. He worked at Mercer Engineering Research Center (MERC) as a CAD technician in Warner Robins from graduation until he moved to Knoxville, TN. He was hired by Oak Ridge National Laboratory in April 2015, working in the Geographic Information Science and Technology group. His degree and experience with statistical analysis and GIS qualified him to work on many projects, including the Population Density Tables project. The project supplies high resolution, global population statistics to government organizations, NGOs and relief organizations. He currently works at the lab part-time and began a Master's program in Human Geography at the University of Tennessee in August.

GC-in-DC Internship Program
Three Georgia College students will be going to Washington, DC in January to serve semester long internships in Congressional offices in the GC-in-DC program.  The students are:

Cayce Hamilton
Psychology/Criminal Justice double major
Dec 17 graduation
John’s Creek, GA
Rep. Sanford Bishop’s office

Hannah Garcia
Criminal Justice
Dec 17 graduation
Alpharetta, GA
Rep. Tom Scott’s office

Margaret (Maggie) Thrailkill
Political Science
Canton, GA
Rep. Austin Scott’s office

Georgia Legislative Internship
Political Science majors, William  Hamilton and Jennifer Whitlow have been selected to participate in the Georgia Legislative Internship Program for the 2018 legislative session in Atlanta.  GLIP is a competitive process that is open to college students in Georgia.  The students will be assigned to individual offices of representatives in the Legislature, including those of Committee Chairs.  Students will receive 9 hours of academic credit for the internship as well as a small stipend paid by the State.

American Society of Criminology, November 2017

J.R. Hudgins, Masters in Criminal Justice student, presented a paper with Dr. Carrie Cook and Dr. Sara Buck Doude on “Risky Lifestyle and Crime Victimization Within Fraternity and Sorority Life”.

Abstract: Recent research and public focus on crime risk and victimization among college students focuses specifically on the context sexual victimization. Yet data on campus crime suggests that college students are also at risk for non-sexual crime victimization. The purpose of this research is to assess whether fraternity or sorority life (FSL) members are at increased risk of crime victimization compared to their peers. We extend the analysis by using theoretically driven, nested ordinary-least squares (OLS) regression models to further examine the impact of risky lifestyle and constraining behavior on actual crime victimization and perceptions of victimization risk among FSL members and non-members.

Dr. Sara Buck Doude with J.R. Hudgins at the 2017 American Society of Criminology conference in Philadelphia.



Shelby Hatcher, Georgia College graduate student, presented her research as a poster presentation with Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Dr. Ji Seun Sohn at the American Society of Criminology. The title of the poster was "Law Enforcement Presence in America’s Schools: Preliminary Findings about Differences in City, Suburb, Town and Rural".


2017 Georgia Political Science Association 
Senior political science students MacKenzie Roux and Jennifer Nguyen presented their research at the 2017 Georgia Political Science Association annual meeting. MacKenzie’s research, “Keeping the Nine in Line: the Solid South, SCOTUS, and the Maintenance of Sub-National Authoritarianism,” used process tracing to demonstrate that the Supreme Courts inability to exert control over the south contributed to an extended period of subnational authoritarianism. Jennifer’s research, “Raised up Right: Political Socialization, Authoritarian Predispositions, and the 2016 Presidential Election,” found a strong relationship between southerners and authoritarian predispositions as well as a relationship between authoritarian predisposition and voting for President Trump.

Annual Criminal Justice Association of Georgia 
Jada Butler, B.A. Criminal Justice and current Master of Science Criminal Justice, recently co-presented at the annual Criminal Justice Association of Georgia (CJAG) Conference.  Entitled "The Perpetuation of Rape Myths in Rape Culture," Ms. Butler co-presented with Criminal Justice professor Dr. Sara Doude.  Shelby Hatcher, Criminal Justice graduate and Georgia College police officer presented her paper, "Does Law Enforcement Presence Make Safer Schools?"  Political Science and Pre-Law student Marilyn Ampel co-presented "Someimes the Truth Hurst" with Pre-Law advisor and Criminal Justice Professor Dr. Jennifer Hammack.  

Faculty Members Awarded Grants
Please join us in congratulating our faculty colleagues for their hard work and recent awards. We have several faculty who have recently been recognized by grant awards.  Congratulations!

Summer 2018 Faculty Scholarship Support Program
Dr. Ji Seun Sohn 

College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Development Grant 2017:
Dr. Carrie Cook

Dr. Sandra Godwin

ENGAGE Community-based Engaged Learning (C-bEL) Master Grant Program:
Dr. Alesa Liles' master grant proposal titled “Canines and Corrections” has been selected for funding by the ENGAGE. Community-based Engaged Learning experiences are defined as opportunities for Georgia College students to contribute to the public good by addressing community issues. The award will total $20,000 over 2 years.

College of  Arts and Sciences Faculty Development Grant 2016:
Dr. Alesa Liles

Dr. Amanda Reinke

Diversity Mini Grant:
Dr. Alesa Liles

Dr. Anita Thompson

Dr. Charles Ubah

Criminal Justice Faculty Member Co-presents at Conference
Dr. Charles Ubah, Ph.D. co-presented with Peter Akanwa of Imo State University at the recent Criminal Justice Association of Georgia Conference.  The title of the presentation was "Considering Sovereign Security Thinking in an Era of Unprecedented Globalization and Global Threats: Lessons for the 21st Century."

Department Chair Co-writes Book
The department is proud to announce the publication of Building the "City of Spectacle" by Cornell University Press, the only scholarly book assessing Mayor Richard M. Daley’s record and legacy. The book is co-written by Professor Costas Spirou, department chair and current interim Provost of Academic Affairs and Professor Dennis R. Judd. This new book connects Chicago’s postwar transformation to the larger economic, political and sociological forces that have been reshaping American cities and American politics over the past three decades.  

For more information about "Building the City of Spectacle," visit the book’s page on the Cornell University Press website:

Grant Awarded
The Department of Justice's Office of Violence against Women recently renewed a nearly $300,000 three year grant for additional funding for Project BRAVE. The project's primary investigator, Jennifer Graham, and Dr. Carrie Cook, the co-investigator, have worked to develop a coordinated community response to power based interpersonal violence on campus. Over 2,000 students and 500 faculty and staff members at Georgia College have taken part in training and program opportunities. Additionally, advocacy services have increased with the addition of victim advocate Melissa Gerrior. The project has also provided a SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner) trained emergency room nurse at the local hospital.

New Faculty Member Has Article Published
Amanda Reinke, Ph.D., Georgia College's new Anthropology professor, recently has an article published in the journal "Bronislaw Magazine."  Entitled "Of monsters and men: tech, startups and direct action in the San Francisco Bay Area," the article examines the downfall of direct action in addressing the roots of pervasive problems that have resulted from tensions rising in the San Francisco Bay Area, as incoming tech and startup workers displace longtime residents.

The article may be read here.

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Student Scholarship Opportunities
Students have the opportunity to attend several ICMA Regional Conferences and be a member of the ICMA Student Chapter. All ICMA and GCCMA ( activities are free for GCSU student chapter members. A great thing to add to your list of activities is attending one of this year’s ICMA Regional Conferences. They are great opportunities to network with professionals in your region and learn about new developments in local government. Dates and locations for each conference as well as scholarship application details are located in this PDF


Kemp for Governor Internship
The Kemp for Governor Campaign needs dedicated Grassroots Interns for the 2018 primary election cycle. Students will gain valuable experience with field operations and get a behind-the-scenes look at political field organizing. See this pdf for more details.
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


The Georgians for Hunter Hill Internship Program
Braden Goodgame is looking for students interested in an internship for the Spring semester for Hunter Hill's campaign to be the next Georgia Governor. It is an unpaid internship and students would work remotely from campus. Following a phone or in-person interview, the internship would begin immediately. Expectations of the internship are included in the pdf located here , along with information regarding the application process.

Interested individuals should contact Braden Goodgame by Friday, February 2, 2018.


Sallie Mae $20,000 Graduate School Scholarship
This scholarship is offered by Sallie Mae which for years have been a leader in the student loan industry (both on the private side as well as the multiple federal programs as well). In addition, they have led the industry in professional development training and in student information. Any degree specializations are welcome. To enter, applicants need to complete two questions about their road to graduate school - creativity counts! Four prospective or current graduate students will each be awarded a $20,000 scholarship for sharing their stories about what led them to graduate school.

More information can be found here.
Entry closes 2/14/2018


Stacey Evans for Governor Internships
The Stacey Evans for Governor team recently began offering full-time and part-time internships to college and high school students across the state. An internship/ fellowship at Stacey Evans for Governor is a great way to gain valuable experience and build deep connections within Georgia politics. Internship/ fellowship opportunities are available all across the state. Interns will have opportunities to work in communications, design, graphics, social media, photography/ videography, finance, data, and field.

The application form can be found here:
Upon completion of the application, someone from the campaign will reach out to schedule an in-person or phone interview.

Association of County Commissioners of Georgia Paid Internship Opportunity
ACCG is recruiting students for their 2018 summer internship program. They will be hosting two students over the course of the summer and are interested in Georgia College MPA and Political Science students. 

More details can be found here.

To apply, students should submit a resume, the names and contact information for three professional and academic references (at least one of both), and a writing sample by March 2, 2018

2018 GovStrive Paid Internship Program
GovStrive, a Georgia-based small business is currently recruiting for the Spring/Summer 2018 intern class. GovStrive provides a variety of Federal Human Resources (HR) consulting and advisory services including but not limited to Change Management (e.g., Training, Communications), Project, Program and Portfolio Management, HR Dashboards, Analytics and Reporting, HR Business Process Reengineering, and HR Technology Implementation and Deployment support.

More details can be found here. 

To apply, students should submit resumes to by January 16, 2018

The Georgians for Hunter Hill Internship Program
Braden Goodgame is looking for students interested in his internship program for the Spring semester for Hunter Hill's campaign to be the next Georgia Governor. It is an unpaid internship and students would work remotely from campus. Following a phone or in-person interview, the internship would begin immediately. Expectations of the internship are included in the pdf located here, along with information regarding the application process.

Interested individuals should contact Braden Goodgame by Friday, December 15, 2017.

Three Rivers Regional Commission Planner Position
Three Rivers Regional Commission located in Griffin, GA, has a planner position opening.

The requirements for the position are the following;
Planner should, at a minimum, have a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration, Public Policy, Urban Planning, Geography or related field from an accredited college or university and zero to five years related experience and/or training.

A Master's Degree in Public Administration, Public Policy or Urban Planning is preferred. Grant Writing experience a plus.

Contact Hope Blakely on 678-692-0510 or at

The Department of Government and Sociology at Georgia College is committed to providing all of its students with an education that offers in-depth study and a breath of experience through our programs.  Our faculty and curriculum focuses on engaging and challenging students to grow both academically and personally as they prepare for careers in their chosen fields or by continuing their studies at the graduate level.   The undergraduate programs include the BA major and minor in Criminal Justice, Political Science and Sociology, and a minor in Anthropology.  At the graduate level we offer two degrees, the Master of Public Administration and the Master of Science in Criminal Justice.  

With 25 dedicated full-time faculty, the department prides itself on promoting a student-centered learning environment in pursuit of intellectual excellence.  As active scholars in their field, our faculty have been recognized with outstanding teaching, research and service awards.  Our programs share a commitment to the highest standards of academic quality and faculty work closely with students as teacher-scholars to advance their goals.  By embracing our liberal arts mission, we strive to create an academic environment that aims to assist the development of life-long and independent learners. 

Our students have opportunities to become involved in undergraduate research, public service projects, and internships.  They learn in and beyond the classroom through civic engagement, study abroad, work on archaeology sites, etc.  Several courses offer students opportunities to work with local citizens and public school students in citizenship and community-based programming.

Once again, welcome to the Department of Government and Sociology and on behalf of the faculty I invite you to contact us with any questions and encourage you to learn more about our work!

Carrie Cook, Ph.D.
Professor and Acting Chair


Georgia College and State University has been identified as having one of the most affordable online Master's degree programs in Public Administration for 2016. 

Editors selected programs from accredited universities and colleges based on graduate tuition prices and fees as published by NCES College Navigator.

Read more here.





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