Music Minor

The undergraduate music minor is designed for students who are interested in continuing and supplementing their experience with music and whose association with the department of music forms a crucial component of their undergraduate degree. The curriculum includes some core courses shared with all tracks of the music major, which provide comprehensive study of skills-based musicianship, music theory, history, the study of diverse music cultures, and performance. The core courses in the minor will assure uniformity among the minors in their capabilities and, in combination with the upper level courses, will inspire them to convey their ingenuity while developing an understanding of the significance of music in society and history.
To be accepted to the music program, each prospective minor, freshman or transfer, must successfully pass an entrance audition and interview. The purpose of this audition/interview is to evaluate the student's level of preparation upon entering Georgia College and to acquaint the music faculty with the student's potential. The audition must be completed before a student can be placed in the proper course work. Many courses have prerequisites, and students should discuss their minor curriculum with a Music Advisor in the Center for Student Success.

Degree Requirements