What is GivePulse

GivePulse is a nation-wide platform that is used for finding volunteer opportunities in your community and recording what type of impact you are having on this community. Their mission is to enable everyone in the world to engage and be active in the community. They do so by providing resources and a platform to make it easy to find and give to those causes that you care most about.

Why do we use this



During the 2015 calendar year, our Top Organizations and Top Students were


You telling us about your impact lets the University, community, prospective students, your parents, etc know about what our students like to do to give back. It allows us to allocate funds differently, build different relationships, and understand what you really mean when you say you volunteer.


You can use GivePulse by visiting this link. Tracking impacts is very easy, just click on one of the buttons that says “Add Impact” and fill out the form.

You already have a givepulse account, so you will just sign into unify to access your account. If you are having troubles with this, please email us at or

You do not need to be a registered volunteer to track your impacts through GivePulse.

We are looking forward to push out the following features over the next semester and year. Green means we have a usable version, yellow means we are in the works, and red means we haven't been able to get to this yet.

If you have any ideas for features, please let us know at or

Message Digest

This feature will allow the user to decide which messages they receive and when. We are currently in phase one (expecting three throughout 2016), which allows the user to decide if they want messages immediately or in a weekly email. *Phase One Completed*


This feature may allow the user to develop a Co-Curricular transcript that will effectively reflect what the user has done during his or her service journey with GivePulse, Georgia College, and their community. We will look into this during Summer 2016.


We are planning to push out a reporting feature for all organization admins. This will allow them to create different reports for their members and organization. There will be several phases to this update.  *Phase One Completed*

Recognition Module

Recognition is important at The GIVE Center and Georgia College. This will allow each organization to display who their most active volunteer is. We will also be integrating Presidential Volunteer Service Award with this to improve visibility.

Service Learning

The GIVE Center and the ENGAGE office will be partnering together to hash out how we are going to include courses in GivePulse in order to capture the full impact of our university. This update will take place over the next few semesters.


We are in the works of refining a module that will be used to create and distribute surveys. This will allow for additional data to be collected and analyzed for pre/post-event requirements as well as C-Bel courses. *Phase One Completed*


We are currently looking into the possibility of using GivePulse as a fundraising platform. This could allow organizations to report money raised along side hours completed. We will look into this route more over Summer 2016.

Dashboard Action

This will allow you, as a user and/or admin, to see what impacts of yours need to be verified or what impacts you need to verify. We are hoping this will allow users and admins to become more accountable over impacts and impact requirements.